You will see, hear, feel. 

Our specialists are well aware of the importance of connecting all the senses of a human being to bring him into the right state of emotions. It's not enough to have 30 trucks, if there is not the right idea. We have this idea for you. 

In our work, we adhere to the rule of knowing the expectations of our client, the history of his company, brand, and thorough analysis of its recipients. That is why we pay so much attention to first contacts. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the technical documentation we have configured contains the right equipment. We will prepare for the needs of your event. 

  • Lighting Plot (individual, including, for example, the need to meet technical star riders)
  • Audio specification based on a given object, demand and technical riders. 
  • Safe rigging, stage constructions, canopies, stages, landings (maintaining the highest safety standards, approvals, permits).
  • Scenography
  • Current connections
  • Electrician care
  • Technical and implementation team. 

We work with unique virtuosos of the event industry, both from Poland and abroad. Their experience, willingness to work, creative approach but also excellent knowledge of technical innovations herald a perfect final result. That's why we value people so much, both in front of the stage and behind the stage. It is thanks to them that we managed to build something more than a company providing entertainment events production services.