As a result of gaining new business partners and transforming our company, we would like to officially inform you about the takeover of the SCENA FM brand and the consolidation of services and the introduction of a completely new naming and branding. For information purposes, we will use EAG Production (formerly SECNA FM) for some time. This will, of course, apply to investor relations, cooperation with clients or communication via social media. We are convinced that the changes we propose will soon be recognized. The project prepared for the last months can finally see the light of day. Of course, we would like to inform you that the existing range of services and the team is moving with us. But that's not all that awaits you after the changes. Thanks to the consolidation of many services and the introduction of many simplifications and teleinformation solutions, our services will be even more available and extended with new technological possibilities. We want to deliver emotions through entertainment at the highest level, which is why you can expect in addition to well-known services completely new solutions. #TOGETHERWECANMORE.