EAG Production, Chris de Burgh Poznań Arena

Chris de Burgh is one of the few world-class artists whose songs have been known and listened to for over 30 years. We all know great hits like The Lady in Red, High on Emotion, Sailing Away, Do not Pay The Ferryman or Missing You.

Our company received a contract for the implementation of the event in Poznań. Our responsibilities included the preparation of technical documentation, technical consultations with CDEB production, equipment configuration, production plan, assembly, implementation, disassembly, and a unique opportunity to present our skills in lighting design not only to the public but also to the artist. The whole Lighting Plot, was designed by the CEO / EAG himself, Michel Auguścik, and the effect will be visible on March 8 in the Poznań Arena. If anyone else would like to join the event, we cordially invite you. 


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Visit our website, after the show We will show you making of and finally effect.