Let's sort this out first.

Just like you, we value good organization of work, which is why we are interested in your history. We focus on the essential details of your business, to use them in our project. It is the first meetings that will allow us to take the best strategy for you. Prepare the right project (visualization), action plan, scenario, pre-programming and, of course, rehearsals.

So that the most effectively carried out event will reflect the character of your company. Both among people who create your brand but also their recipients. And you can be sure that we will create an event that you will not only remember but also talk about. Leave us a message and we will do the rest. 

  • Plan project
  • Schedule of activities
  • Technical Specifications 
  • Documentation 
  • Visualization
  • Split costs
  • Finished product 

We are here to not only create ready-made events, but also to advise and help in choosing the right place, the appropriate infrastructure along with the logistics plan and hotel facilities. You can expect to help you throughout this process from the very beginning until the end of disassembly and billing. 

„Dostarczamy emocji, dajemy radość, produkując rozrywkę. A świat, choć na chwilę staję się lepszy.”

Michel Auguścik CEO of EAG