We will show what is most important.

High quality, highest resolution, tailored to size and, above all, your paintings will speak full of colors. And thanks to the cooperation with many graphics, animators, people responsible for the largest multimedia projects, we will show your company in the best possible dimension. No matter if it will be 2D or 3D.

And the carrier does not count whether it will be a regular screen, LED screen or even a building. You can be sure that the surprise among your guests will be huge. First of all, people are visuals, images speak to many of our senses. And thanks to them we can show your company, event, work or brand in the right image.


Secondly, we constantly monitor the changing trends in the multimedia industry. And in our projects we use only high-quality equipment. From the source of the image starting from the component ending. The size and shape does not matter, we choose the parameters accordingly:

  • Projectors
  • LED Screen
  • Canvas and space projection
  • Mixing desk
  • Media servers

And thirdly, we will integrate the whole with the other elements. Such as light, sound, scenography, your event. Because the cohesion effect counts for us.